The world's most advanced grain aeration controller

Helping grain farmers maximise the commercial potential of their stored grain, from under $4 per tonne

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3 ways that Aeration Manager boosts profits

  • Can increase your income per tonne by $40 or more, and lower costs per tonne
  • Optimises grain moisture and temperature through unique algorithm
  • Enables remote monitoring of stored grain, from anywhere, anytime

Grain Farmers

Maximise the potential of your stored grain


Help your clients earn more from their grain


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Remote Access To Control and/or Monitor:

Aeration Fans

Smart fans that will indicate the actual flow rate and using internal Variable Speed functions to adjust fan speed to control airflow

Generator Control

The generator will start when aeration is needed prior to the fans being started and only if insufficient mains power is available

Material Handling

Material handling equipment control will allow for blending of grains through drag chains and integration of weigh cells

Solar Supply

For remote location without any power supply, the solar system will provide enough energy to start the generator when aeration is required


The silo sweep and augur can be integrated with the generator start Speed control of the internal augur allows for matching to the truck fill augur

Fill lids

Automatic fill lid control that will open the lid before the fan is started and also opens the lid when the silo is being emptied

What our clients say

"After reviewing several grain aeration systems, we quickly discovered that the Aeration Manager product was far superior to anything else we had looked at, put simply it was the ease of operation and the fact that this was an

algorithm based system, no sensors, probes, wires harnesses etc. were

required within the six grain silos.

The pinnacle of this system is it maintaining a quality level set by the

operators. It can dry our grain, cool our grain, maintain our grain and can be

monitored remotely. "

Graint Turnbull, Qanango Pty Ltd

"When selecting the Aeration Manager I based my decision on the capacity of the controller to activate the fans when the condition of the grain could be improved. And with the Aeration Manager’s ability to predict the grain condition this is just what we needed.

The capacity to integrate our drag chain equipment and our diesel generator has provided us with a complete grain management system."

Brad Jones, Bungulla Farming